Ace the Holidays: Top 9 Disc Golf Gifts for Every Player

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for a disc golf enthusiast or treating yourself to some new gear? Look no further! Dan's Ace the Holidays' guide features the top 9 disc golf gifts that cater to players of all levels. From state-of-the-art practice equipment like the MVP Black Hole Pro Basket to the practicality of the Hive Disc Claw Retriever, each item in the guide is handpicked to elevate the disc golf experience. Plus, enjoy an exclusive discount on stylish Disc Golf Revolution apparel and Upper Park merchandise! Whether you're enhancing your own game or gifting a fellow disc golfer, these picks are sure to be a hit on and off the course.

11/28/20232 min read

  1. MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Pro 24 Chain Disc Golf Basket with Transit Bag: This basket is perfect for realistic off-course practice, offering a portable and durable design with 24 high visibility zinc-coated chains. It's PDGA approved and includes a heavy-duty transit bag for easy transportation. [BUY HERE]​​

  2. MVP Disc Sports Pod Disc Holder Practice Accessory + Transit Bag: The Pod, an upgraded version with extenders for added height, holds up to 32 discs. Its all-metal construction and powder-coated shell make it durable and portable, ideal for organizing discs during practice. [BUY HERE]​​

  3. Dan Brooks-Wells Team Series Discs at Elevate your disc golf game with the exclusive Dan Brooks-Wells Team Series Discs, available at Ideal for players who want to improve their game with discs crafted for excellence. Whether you're a fan of Dan or looking to enhance your disc arsenal, these discs are a must-have in your collection. [BUY HERE]

  4. Visionary Disc Golf Net: Crafted with durable polyester netting and a robust metal base, this net withstands powerful drives. It features a target pocket and disc return channel, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. [BUY HERE]​​

  5. Upper Park Rebel Disc Golf Bag: This bag can carry over 30 discs, featuring premium fabric, waterproof base panels, and a free rain fly. It has massive side pockets, water bottle pockets, and a comfortable design. [SAVE 10% HERE NOW!]​​​​​​​​​​​​

  6. Xero Barefoot Shoes: These versatile shoes are suitable for all seasons and occasions, promoting natural foot function and comfort. They offer a range of styles and colors, with different sole types for varied terrains, and come with a 5,000-mile sole warranty. [BUY HERE]​​​​​​​​

  7. Disc Golf Revolution Merch (15% off with code DBW15): Disc Golf Revolution offers an array of lifestyle apparel designed specifically for disc golf enthusiasts. The brand, founded by passionate disc golfers, understands the unique needs and style of the sport, offering clothing that's perfect for both on and off the course. With a variety of options to choose from, these clothes are not just comfortable and stylish but also great value for money, especially with the exclusive 15% discount using the code DBW15. [BUY HERE]​​

  8. Hive Disc Golf Disc Claw Retriever: This innovative disc retriever is a game-changer for any disc golfer. The unique design allows it to grab discs from a range of angles, significantly increasing the chances of successful retrieval. It's lightweight, easy to carry, and folds down flat for convenient storage in any disc golf bag. This retriever is not just a practical tool but also a great way to save money by reducing the loss of discs during play. [BUY HERE]​​

  9. MVP Disc Golf Flat LED Tri-lite Disc Golf Lights: These LED lights are perfect for night play, allowing the game to continue even after dark. The Tri-Lit lights are easy to attach to discs and offer multiple color and flash settings, enhancing visibility and adding an exciting twist to night games. They're a fun and practical gift that extends playing time and brings a new dimension to the sport. [BUY HERE]​​

These gifts are not just items; they're investments in fun, skill, and the love of disc golf. Happy holidays and happy disc golfing!

- Dan Brooks-Wells